Practical and Aesthetic Uses of Bathroom Storage Furniture

Whether your bathroom is small or large, you will need bathroom storage furniture to keep your environment well organized and neat. These pieces provide a place to store basic bathroom accessories for daily use. Attractive cabinets, vanities or shelves will also brighten up a bathroom setting and give it a touch of class and distinction. By investing in quality furnishings, your bathroom will maintain a stylish and attractive look for many years to come.

Bathroom storage furniture comes in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and materials to complement any bathroom setting. Some of the most common types of furniture are floor cabinets, vanities, linen towers and medicine chests. Your choice of furniture will depend largely on the size and layout of your bathroom. You will also want to choose bathroom furniture that matches the present decor of your environment. If you plan to remodel, you can redecorate your setting to coincide with the new furniture you choose.

Linen Towers

Linen towers are one type of bathroom storage furniture that fits in nicely with smaller bathroom settings. They are usually tall, thin cabinets that can be placed against a wall for storing towels, sheets and bath accessories. A corner linen tower can fit snugly against the corner wall of your bathroom to save even more space. These pieces are available in different colors or wood finishes to include cherry, walnut, oak, and pine.

Some styles of linen towers contain open shelves for easy access to the items being stored while others come with covered or glass cabinet doors to hide the products within. Towers with adjustable shelves offer more flexibility in storage as linens and towels could be stored at the bottom and more delicate items placed on the top shelf. Linen towers come in a variety of beautiful styles to include both traditional and contemporary designs. They are but one way you can organize your bathroom accessories while sprucing up the environment.

Bathroom Floor Cabinets and Vanities

Bathrooms with greater space can easily accommodate larger bathroom storage furniture such as a floor cabinet or spacious vanity. Vanities and floor cabinets can be purchased new or used. Many people have taken old bathroom cabinets found in local flea markets or used furniture shops and beautifully restored them to use as storage facilities in their bathroom. In addition to ample storage, these classic pieces often provide the charm and grace a bathroom needs for a nicer appearance.

When choosing the size of your cabinet or vanity, make sure you have enough space in your bathroom to move around without feeling cramped. Your floor cabinet should not interfere with mobility or other aspects of bathroom use, as it would then do more harm than good. By choosing the right type and size of bathroom storage furniture, you can gain the advantage of extra storage without detracting from the environment.visit us now!

Typical bathroom floor cabinets are approximately 32 inches in height and 18-21 inches deep. They can be used to store bath towels, hand towels, toiletries, paper towels, toilet paper, bath cleaning products and more. Classic floor cabinets sit directly on the floor and come with cabinet doors, drawers or both. Stylish hanging cabinets can be conveniently placed on a bathroom wall where it takes up little space and provides storage for small bath items.

A vanity cabinet would be an attractive addition underneath a sink area where it does not occupy extra floor space. Vanities provide excellent storage space for all bathroom needs in a neatly enclosed environment. You can find beautifully designed vanities to match the décor of your bathroom or redecorate your environment to complement your vanity. Either way, you will have the storage space you need and attractive look you desire.

Medicine Chests and Shelving

Other methods of providing extra storage to your bathroom environment include using medicine chests and shelving. A medicine cabinet can be strategically placed on the wall over a bathroom sink for safe and secure storage of small bath accessories, medicines, toiletries, etc. These cabinets come in simple wooden or metal frame designs, with or without mirrors. You can also choose from an array of custom-made medicine cabinets for a classier bathroom setting.

Bathroom Storage Furniture

Bathroom shelves also provide a place for storing bathroom items. These shelves can be very practical when placed on shower stall walls as they can neatly hold items such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, etc.check it from

These are but a few ideas of how to use bathroom storage furniture in your bathroom setting. All bathrooms need storage facilities for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Your choice of storage should reflect your personal taste and fit well within your budget. By combining different types of bathroom storage furniture, you should have all the storage facilities you need to keep a neat and tidy bathroom setting.

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